Diagram Schematic of Bus Bomb by Zodiac Killer and Similar Works by Jack

I thought that the similarities in the diagrams below having a match in any sense on top of the consistency in handwriting, that it would seal the deal for Jack in the Zodiac letters. Topping this with the composite and build of suspect as a match, a hood that matched the description given by Hartnell and made out of a fabric that pre-dated the Zodiac Killer crimes, per the FBI, found in Jack’s PA system 2008 as seen in this presentation, and audio recordings of Jack admitting to the crimes would be enough for a real investigation.

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) gives 100’s of hours to the likes of Debra Perez, who also claims to be a love-child of JFK, because she claimed her father wrote it and she was with him when he committed the crimes, and an examiner claimed she showed the genetic pre-disposition to write like the Zodiac, in fact, she even wrote one of the letters herself in near perfect script at the age of 7. No, she didn’t blame JFK as her father who committed the crimes. She blamed a man who adopted her. So, out the window goes the “genetic pre-disposition.” Now, I ask, who even gave her the time of day if SFPD truly had any inclination in solving this crime by indulging tax paying dollars into her nonsensical stories. But they did!

Bus Bomb Diagram
Bus Bomb Diagram by Zodiac Killer Using Sun as the Power Source

Jack shares the use of the “Sun symbol” as power in his diagrams, along with the use of “BAT”, arrows and circles that are constructed the same way. This is very individualistic commonalities which suggests there is more to this story than we know. Why won’t they look at Jack???

ALT Converter Diagram
Bus Bomb Diagram
Bus Bomb Diagram by Zodiac Killer
Jumper Schematic

The gallery below shows more work from Jack:

For anyone who questions the gifted ability of Jack, they should view the picture below of Jack with the head of General Electric Power Plant in San Jose, CA below:

Jack designed a Hydraulic System patented by GE for Atomic Power that cost $110,000 in 1963

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