Nanette has been a Forensic Document Examiner since 2009. Her background includes acting in the capacity of a Notary Public for the State of California since 2004, closing home loans and executing notarial duties for estates, trust, and wills along with a multitude of miscellaneous acts. She has witnessed the signatures of individuals in all capacities from a single signature to sessions of 50 or more giving her a perspective on handwriting and executions under different circumstances, conditions, and influences. Her clients were lenders and title companies up and down California. Ms. Barto also held a Real Estate License from 2005-2009, through one of the biggest economical crashes in history. Her real estate license allowed her to become extremely familiar with real estate transactions and mortgage procurement which allows her to determine the chain of command in such documents. After completing her apprenticeship in 2009 as a document examiner, she attended American River College whereby she obtained an Associate of Arts in Legal Assisting and Psychology with the later focused on Biological Psychology and Gerontology/Life Span. This has assisted in understanding the components of the brain and how outside influences such as drugs, alcohol, illness, disease, and disorders can affect the motor sensory system. Nanette has handled over 600 cases, and has testified competently on 40 occasions in arbitration, civil law, family law, probate, federal immigration court, and criminal proceedings.

Nanette has been working on the handwriting of the Zodiac Killer and other serial killing sprees all over the United States for over 8 years now. This presentation represents the compiled works of many people, and is by no means a solo act! Reports have been supplied to the FBI, Los Angeles Cold Case Division, Tim Miller of Equusearch[sic], Retired Detective of League City Police Department on behalf of Tim Miller, Chris Pickel of CBS13 news, and the entire Amerithrax committee as well as attorney advocates for wrongfully accused, arrested, and imprisoned victims. No one has listened, YET!

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