The Most Prolific Serial Killer in US History – Zodiac Killer aka Zodiac Jack

Zodiac Killer Composite

The original composite drawing and physical profile of the Zodiac Killer as witnessed by a San Francisco Police Officer on duty the night of Paul Stine’s murder. The composite was rendered with colorless eyeglass frames which is consistent with Jack’s choice of frames.

Composite Comparison
Zodiac Composites v. Jack

  • Jack was 5’10” tall, with curly reddish brown hair worn in a crew cut at times,
  • His eyeglasses are similar in kind and color.
  • He was known to wear brown slacks and a dark blue windbreaker.
  • As a Supply Tech Sgt. for the Air Force during 1954-55, he had Wing Walker shoes at his disposal.
  • Jack had a stocky build and a lumber in his walk due to a back injury that he had surgery for in 1965-66.
  • Jack wears a size 10 1/2 shoe.
  • You will be able to hear his voice on this site so you will see that he sounds just like Hartnell describes.

Let’s consider the skills that the Zodiac Killer must have had based on the limited information that I have, and then compare them to the things I know about Jack:

  1. Serial Killer, not a new one, but a skilled stalker, hunter, and killer who had done this before 1968-1969 = knows that the black spot in the center of a beam of light from a flashlight will center in on a subject and serve as a gun site that’s nearly dead-on.
  2. Knowledge of the area and secluded locations.
  3. Writes multiple lengthy letters = not the first time he has done this either. FBI profilers tell you that there are baby steps for serial killer’s that elevate and become more bold with each time the suspect gets away with it. I believe that this serial killer has been at this for a long time.
  4. Knows ciphers and codes.
  5. Has specialized training that he taunts the local police, FBI, and in other cases eventually even the CIA. Knows about crime scene forensics, and he is aware he has left nothing behind that would identify him including that he had the ability to disguise his handwriting and covered his finger prints with airplane cement. Has inside information on how law enforcement works.
  6. Wears Wing Walker boots sold to military bases and used in the Air Force.
  7. He has inside knowledge of not yet released comic strips from the Chicago Tribune which gives this whole mess a direct link to Chicago Illinois in my honest opinion. See inside…
  8. Killing style includes shooting and stabbing suggesting a difference in MO’s. However, the one thing that never changes in this serial killer’s MO is the need to write and be seen and/or heard.
  9. He had a message to get to someone that required him to get it on the front page of the newspaper through extortion methods and promises of there being more. His MO per the FBI was “EXTORTION” per the Freedom of Information Act documents. Ciphers we can’t solve, crimes that local law enforcement weren’t trained or prepared for, and wanting front page publishing screams that these crimes were meant for someone else to be aware of. This leads to organized crime, CIA style operations, BIG MONEY, and possible distraction techniques. Remember “fear” is the mother of all control factors, and has been since before the days of the Mob…

Now, Jack’s skills in a nutshell:

  1. Jack was a skilled scout, stalker, hunter, and killer. Born on a ranch and hunted his own food. This can be seen in pictures inside my presentation.
  2. Camping was Jack’s thing which included locations like Lake Berryessa, and the Lake Herman Road murders were just yards from the parking lot of Lake Herman visitor’s center and rest area by the lake. This location had a Payphone which tells me it has been around since the Zodiac era, and it could be where Jack was when the teenagers pulled in down the road. There is even a way around the backside of the hill that separated the rest area and the murder scene.
  3. Based on handwriting examinations it appears that the baby writings of this serial killer occurred as early as 1945, and this presentation will cover them in chronological order.
  4. Jack was a HAM Radio operator, ergo the Zodiac Killer hood being left in a PA system, plus knowledge of ciphering and coding.
  5. Jack was in different militaries during his years in service which included the Armed Forces, Navy, and Air Force. As to his inside knowledge of shift changes and how they operate, I would think that he either surveilled them or had inside information. Jack has showed the kids how he can write with disguise including using the opposite hand. Jack even used one of the newspaper’s published letters from the Zodiac to show them.
  6. Jack was in the military at least 3 different times that I can tell, and the Air Force was one of them. He served as a Supply Technician with ARS MAT 54-55. You will see the evidence in this presentation.
  7. Jack definitely shows a connection to Chicago, Illinois as early as 1944, as seen in this presentation.
  8. You will find pictures of Jack skinning an animal that he shot, and an explicit recipe on fleshing and tanning, so Jack is skilled at both the gun and the knife.
  9. Jack held several contract security positions for very large corporations which is right up the CIA alley since they are private security for many corporations and the very rich. So, back to following the money.


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